Pathways to the top

A pathways system represents a climbing frame for individuals from formal and informal learning to achieve articulated credentials that are valued by education systems, further education, and employers. They include bridge programs for those who need more time and would like to tryout new skills for expanding their culinary menu recipes reinforced by a LearningLog, for example. A pathways system brings together the worlds of education, work, entrepreneurship, and creativity despite their different incentives, reward system, and learning. Skills4Industry are contextually relevant integrative competencies that encompasses applied, cognitive, behavioral, operational, technical, and technological competencies that are measured against standardized benchmarks of performance consistent with the environmental and industry characteristic of the tasks. Performance and contextualization are measured against the volume, quality, and 10 Hours Notional Learning Time global standard units design representing a holistic framework of competence combining academic and practical applications.  The interrelationship of competence is captured by understanding through contextualization that is strictly focused on creativity, innovation, and invention. Simply put whatever a learner is given is expected to be applied in a context different from that in which it was learned, which must meet the following criteria: (1) the essential things people in the occupation must be able to do; (2) the outcomes they must achieve; and (3) the contextual variables that impact daily performance.