Digital Transformation in Education Program for Educators

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Digital Transformation Technologies Cultural Infusion

Fashion Museum – First Ladies of The World

Colleges Cooperative Program

The college-level cooperative programs are designed to help students gain work skills through Situated Learning opportunities that ensure durable competencies means knowledge and skills are acquired through combined processes that are similar to the context in which they will be applied.

Modeling Program for Elementary Pupils

Self-management is about character development at the early stages of education. This program is designed to help pupils develop a fashion sense that is important to know what to wear at home, work, school, and play. Including the knowledge of what is beauty that is anchored on ‘everyone is beautiful’ that aims to help pupils understand the value of self-care and hygiene.


Co-fund allows partner institutions, businesses, and individuals to make monthly donations to volunteer tutors, mentors, and contributors to S4iHub learning support orchestration services.

Contributors, tutors, and mentors are offered different funding tiers as perks for various levels of contribution. They will receive recurring payments from partners who want to access their work/services and encourage their continued contribution. Skills4Industry Foundation pledges to cover payment processing costs and match partner donations payments up to $5,000 per contributor. Contributors can use other services like Patreon and Open Collective through links to their personal profiles on S4iHub.