Skills4Industry Foundation, Inc. provides integrative competence programs targeting in-demand competencies to ensure the transition to work & further education. Through individuals, industry, communities, educational institutions, and education systems partners Skills4Industry Foundation ensures individuals learn in processes similar to those in which the outcome of their learning will be applied. These partners help Skills4Industry Foundation orchestrate learning support for all learners from kindergarten to Ph.D. to reduce barriers between work and learning at home, school, or play through unobtrusive technology S4iHub.io. 

Digital Transformation in Education Program for Educators

Registration Start Date: September 1, 2021, Closes October 15, 2021.

Program Start Date: October 9, 2021, Through April 26, 2022.

Duration: 6 Months, 20 Hours Per Week, Online Hands-on Laboratory

Price: Free

Language: English