Leaguers program is designed to integrate school & work in elementary, secondary, and high schools globally. The program is supported by Skills4Industry integrative competence concepts taxonomy.

Through the Cooperative Situated Learning Program our campus leaders are provided six months competency based learning yearly from August through March. They are also provided funding, and additional resources to run on-campus events and grow their communities. To become a Leaguer applicants must complete an online training consisting of multiple Skills4Industry modules designed to grow specific 21st century leadership skills.

Students with access to enrichment activities go back to school better prepared to take on a new school year with vigor. While those who cannot afford enrichment programs often spend the first several weeks catching up on skills they’ve forgotten during the break.

Nosa Eweka


Skills4Industry Foundation established a hub for education-and-employment integration themed enrichment education for students from kindergarten to PhD to orchestrate enrichment learning activities. We urge your participation, because as a partner you will have access to free educational and professional enrichment resources, above all you will be compensated for doing what you love – helping young people learn. We measure success in terms of both educational attainment and labor market outcomes Using Learner Destination and Distance Traveled. S4IF track both college-related outcomes while prioritizing employment outcomes.


As employers whose employees reside in local communities’, partnering with local schools and colleges in various experiential and cooperative education increase the sense of pride in employees that result in high brand loyalty. An investment in military service members and their families, as well as veterans are ideal contributions to communities and individuals with enormous boost to brand loyalty with high returns. Along with the psychological benefits are tangible data Skills4Industry will make available to businesses for improved knowledge of market needs. Organizations are not in the business of community transition competence credentialing, Skills4Industry co-branded or 100% branded programs offer seamless plug and play industry and environment specific learning solutions.

Families, Parents, & Caregivers

We heard from you 20 years ago that what you care about is that a family member’s education results in well paying jobs. The problem then was rising costs of education and low employment outcomes. While costs keep rising digital transformation technologies and COVID-19 combined has made the future even more bleak for employability.  Learn more.

Serving Women, Men, Families, & Vets

 Skills4Industry Foundation is proud to be a learning support partner to the serving members and their family, as well as veterans. Skills4Industry programs are designed to provide career transition competencies that link service to employment through a series of activities. These learning opportunities are designed to closely align the realities of workplaces to serving members, their families and vets through apprenticeships, internships, and work-based learning. Learn more.   

School Systems Partnership

School systems, here are what pupils and students are saying:

1.  Classes are boring

2.  We spend too much time trying to fix technology problems

3.  Our community’s internet bandwidth is too slow to connect remotely

4.  Teaching has been replaced by homework

5.  We miss the company of other students in the classroom

6.  I miss waking up and dressing for school. Learn more.

Universities & Colleges Cooperative Education

The college level cooperative programs are designed to help students gain work skills through Situated Learning opportunities that ensure durable competencies means knowledge and skills must be acquired through combined processes that are similar to the context in which they will be applied. Including a hub for education-and-employment integration where students and teachers after school relationship is about using Skills4Industry integrative competence concepts taxonomy to provide work related learning. The idea is to help students split their time between school settings and an immersion into work tasks. Learn more.

Governments – National, State, & Municipal Skills Strategy Partnership

Skills4Industry Foundation programs represent a full circle partnership that will help governments implement transformational 21st century skills strategy that uses processes of learning similar to where learning outcomes will be applied as Situational Learning activities to improve competencies, productivity, employment, and growth. Learn more.