School Systems

School systems, here are what pupils and students are saying:

1.  Classes are boring

2.  We spend too much time trying to fix technology problems

3.  Our community’s internet bandwidth is too slow to connect remotely

5  Teaching has been replaced by homework

6.  We miss the company of other students in the classroom

7.  I miss waking up and dressing for school

None of these problems are new and some have been with us for over 30 years because they challenge us to improve our technology skills. Used appropriately, remote education is the most robust learning medium. To ensure school administrators, teachers and staff have the right digital transformation competencies we created a free Digital Transformation in Education Program. A six months program designed to provide competencies in planning, creating, implementing, and teaching using one-container per student in a virtualization environment that is orchestrated by learning support services. 

In return we need your commitment to providing support to learners through unobtrusive devices. 

Elementary Pupils Modeling Program

Self-management is about character development at the early stages of education. This program is designed to help pupils develop a fashion sense that is important to knowing what to wear at home, work, school, and play. Including the knowledge of what is beauty that is anchored on ‘everyone is beautiful’ that aims to help them understand the value of self care and hygiene.

Using fashion products collected by our Integrative Institute of Creative Studies (IICS), pupils will gain access to free modeling artifacts.

Our Leaguers program campus leaders in or within the school communities will manage this competitive program.