Serving Families & Vets

 Skills4Industry Foundation is proud to be a learning support partner to the serving members and their family, as well as veterans. Skills4Industry programs are designed to provide career transition competencies that link service to employment through a series of activities. These learning opportunities are designed to closely align the realities of workplaces to serving members, their families and vets through apprenticeships, internships, and work-based learning.

These Situated Learning opportunities ensure durable competencies means knowledge and skills are acquired through combined processes that are similar to the context in which they will be applied. Skills4Industry Situated Learning opportunities are based on the use of LearningLog technology to establish personal learning goals and career pathways integrative competence concepts tags for tracking competencies applied at home, work, play, and school. The quality of collected learning artifacts are used by learning support experts to guide students to achieving more, through reinforcement learning students understand what they are good at and are able to do more. Integrative competence concepts tags help students make connections across all occupations to easily understand other career pathways. Their capabilities are also relevant, opening a sea of opportunities.         

Integrative competencies are a combination of transferable soft skills and work tasks technical, technological, administrative, and managerial skills, and academic knowledge. Long term success in careers depends on critical reasoning, empathy, learning how to learn, and effectively managing the application of communication facets across channels of communication.

Skills4Industry Foundation’s S4iHub is a new model for expanding pathways to opportunities for everyone. Including workers without bachelor’s degrees and workers in the industries most affected by COVID, like retail and hospitality.