Transformational Skills Strategy

Skills4Industry is built on over 3.6 million concepts of occupations, academic, and soft skills (Skills4Industry) to data that classified and mapped to capabilities requirements at 10 levels starting from 5th grade to Ph.D. The resulting integrative competence data is streamed as pedagogy to ensure pathways for individuals from community and formal education to all occupations and further education fields to improve employability, productivity, and earning.

Skills4Industry is cloud computing and intelligent algorithm compliant automated learning content that ensures individuals can interact with pedagogical data as a group for continuous improvement.

Skills4Industry Foundation learning support orchestration services ensures learners access support enrichment programs 24/7 with clearly defined entry, exit, and weighted parcel of learning resulting in a credential. While each award is reliably and flexibly defined to articulate with all forms of learning.

These processes make Skills4Industry Foundation transformational skills strategy a plug and play solution for countries with and without competency frameworks that are aligned with the requirements of businesses, school systems, and universities, as well as the expectations of individuals and communities.